India summer gives her head to bruce venture

India summer gives her head to bruce venture

The cow wandered off into the swamp, bleeding, mooing, half dead. They hold burp and fart contests to decide who the true Highlander is (there can be only one!), and they take turns lighting each others farts on fire because nothing tops the idea for them of launching a fire cannon from their anus (a feat they later accomplish naturally after too many Flamin Hot Doritos).

The shot then cuts to a clip of Neve Campbell and Denise Richards making out in a pool from Wild Things. Certain people who I just would be so honored to even be considered to act opposite.

I dont own a home because the job market is too unstable.

I just broke up with Boy A because I cheated on him with Boy B, but whilst breaking up Boy A let it slip that Boy C has liked me for a while. “I just hope that the audience love it as much as we do.

I don’t like realizing my mind has been twisted by the way that the world has been set up around me.